Beginner's 8-Week Training Plan

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Are you ready to get back into hiking and mountaineering training after a break, interruption, or off season? Then this is the perfect fitness plan for you.

This 8-week fitness kick starter will help you return to training in a way that's healthy for your mind and body. Ramp up at the right rate so that you get results without stress, fatigue, or injury.

The workouts focus on building your aerobic base and full-body strength. At the end of the program, you'll have a great fitness foundation so that you can take on harder workouts.

You'll also get these helpful bonuses:

  • How to Start Working Out (a bonus ebook and 4-week workout plan for anyone working out 0–2 hours per week)
  • Weekly Training Log (printable)
  • Wall Calendar 1-Year Planner (printable, reusable from year to year!)